RMLC Applies for 2017-2021 BMI License; Proposes Interim Fee Payments to BMI
The 2010 Station License negotiated between the RMLC and BMI expires on December 31, 2016 and the RMLC has taken steps to ensure that stations remain licensed by BMI effective January 1, 2017.
All stations that have authorized the RMLC to act on their behalf in negotiations with BMI for this round of license negotiations can continue to play BMI compositions after December 31, because the RMLC has submitted a license application to BMI on their behalf and applicants are licensed upon application under the BMI Consent Decree. Any operator who is unsure of a station’s RMLC authorization status can contact the RMLC office for confirmation. For those stations that have authorized the RMLC to negotiate on their behalf, the RMLC has offered to pay BMI interim license fees -- at a rate somewhat lower than the prior BMI license rate -- while the parties negotiate final license fees. The RMLC will notify all represented stations when the parties reach agreement on interim fees (or the Rate Court sets interim fee rates).  In the meanwhile, effective January 1, no payments need be made to BMI by RMLC-represented stations.

To avoid being out of license as of January 1, 2017, station operators must either:
(i) authorize the RMLC to act on their behalf by completing and returning the appropriate Authorization form to the RMLC [the form can be downloaded at the Forms tab on this website] or
(ii) sign an agreement with BMI extending their expiring 2010-2016 agreement on an interim basis effective January 1, 2017 (or separately apply to BMI for a license under the BMI Consent decree effective January 1, 2017).
After January 1, 2017, stations that have not elected one of these options may be out of license with BMI.